Commit f1c7ad8a authored by Wágner Ferenc's avatar Wágner Ferenc
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DNS traffic is being shifted towards TCP to avoid fragmentation

Especially DNSSEC employs big payloads.  The original EDNS buffer size
of 4096 isn't recommended anymore, modern clients advertise 1232 bytes
instead (the glibc stub resolver uses the even more conservative 1200
bytes), and servers similarly truncate their responses to avoid having
them fragmented.  This initiates TCP fallback, which, if not allowed,
leads to "DANE error: tlsa lookup DEFER" failure messages from the
Exim remote_smtp transport (after a long connect timeout).
parent 1420d258
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ table inet filter {
icmp type echo-request accept
chain new-out {
tcp dport { telnet, ssh, http, https, smtp, ldaps, whois, mysql, git } accept
tcp dport { telnet, ssh, domain, http, https, smtp, ldaps, whois, mysql, git } accept
udp dport { domain, snmp, 33434-33600 } accept
ip protocol icmp accept
ip daddr {{ lookup('dig','') }} tcp dport 11333 accept
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